bring back the pwr

although pwr crft has been on hiatus [because our lovely founder is now attending a time intensive graphic design program], we are bringing it back. we will keep our meetings on Wednesday evenings at 6pm – now with a new location: kate and my studio. we have a big table, lot’s of supplies, and want to get the “diy” group together again.

we will start on December 2nd and keep is going unless otherwise noted. that will give us 4 craft nights to make holiday prezzies!

there is no oven, so we will have to pot luck it from here on out.


geo jewels

"geo jewels" reference geology and geometry - looking to both for inspiration. it is an experiment in pushing the qualities of powder coated metal to form objects of desire and use. this project is underway and what is shown are process images. in collaboration with free time industries. free time and arm arch share a studio space and lead a weekly craft group called "pwr crft".