I am very excited to say that I just finished a really amazing week at the office of Workshop for Architecture | Design and LAIR design. I was hired to work for both, so my days should always be full of a wide range of design problems to solve and communicate... which is my dream situation! Sometimes the two collaborate on projects, sometimes not, but each is stronger by having the other one there for expertise and input.

I first came into contact with them back in April when I was looking for architecture stories to write for Pacific Standard. I was so impressed with the execution of their design intent that I emailed them right away asking if we could meet up... but I didn't hear anything until just a few weeks ago when they were looking for someone to hire. Thanks Universe!

I will still be working on projects with Free Time, August, etc.

Here is some of their work.

Picture 5

Picture 6

north capitol hill
Picture 14

Picture 15

gig harbor
Picture 21

Picture 20

coleman triplex
Picture 11

Picture 13


2012 Naturalist Almanac


As you might already know, Free Time Industries is at the very end of a fundraising campaign via IndieGoGo. The goal was to raise enough money to send Amber to the New York International Gift Fair late this summer with three new products. So far we have raised over $1,000, which is amazing. THANK YOU!!!! This is enough for the plane ticket and the booth space, but we still need a little bit more to, at the very least, print the 2012 Naturalist Almanac.

We are confident that profits from the almanac alone will be enough to keep Free Time going for another year, and even be enough to bring the Emergency Button and Tool Holster to market too. This is why we need your help! Please visit the IndieGoGo site to watch our video, contribute if you can, and/or help us spread the word. //////\\\\\\HERE///////\\\\\\\//////\\\\\\\


More on the 2012 Naturalist Almanac:
Due to the particularities of time, we humans are in a constant diluge of change. The earth spins past the stars above, cultural events punctuate history, seasons renew, and living organisms go through their individual rhythms. But we have a choice: to let time overtake and inhibit us, or be prepared and become empowered by it.

This is why Free Time Industries (with the help of our amazing intern Riley Hoonan) has created the 2012 Naturalist Almanac - it is a tool to the essential and the natural. It tells you where you are, what is to come, and how to prepare for it, all in twenty-six-by-twenty-six inches.

Starting at the center, the almanac tells you how to find the North Star, length of daylight, solstices, seasons, daylight savings, important days, living via the astrological signs, and keep track of moon and menstrual cycles. The almanac also gives seasonal information on topics such as hunting, fishing, foraging, building, health, gardening, raising ducks, weaving, raising bees, starting fires, and natural cleaning methods. The almanac is meant to be rotated at each season, creating a new ritual for the passing of time. We have gone through an intense research and design process to bring all this information together in a meaningful way.

You can pre-order an almanac via the IndiGoGo fundraising campaign with a $50 contribution. I have attached progress images to peak your interest. Each will be printed in Seattle,WA and comes with brass brads at each corner and 4 brass tacks.


Thank you! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. amber@freetimeindustries.com