pwr craft meet cockpit arts

pwr craft is a group of ladies, including myself, who like to craft. we meet up thursday evenings at nomar's place and we learn new ways to use our fine motor skills. kate bailey and i have been talking about taking pwr craft to the next level with our 'warehouse project', but, alas, it seems that someone is already doing we have been discussing, only in a REALLY big way: cockpit arts.

when i get back from my visit to london, i really want to talk more about these concepts: new ways of making, ways to make 'making' a scalable business model, how making helps train the brain for complex problem solving, how coming together to make things is good for the soul, and how space can be a creative incubator.

"Cockpit Arts is a social enterprise and the UK's only creative-business incubator for designer-makers. It is a renowned hotbed of creative talent, helping 165 resident designer-makers to grow their businesses and hundreds more through a dedicated professional development program.

'Notorious for fostering some of London's most exciting creative talent.' - Vogue"

image shows our cathy and lacey swain awaiting shrinky dinks in the oven at pwr craft in seattle.

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