carving: earth and blocks

I have been sketching, writing, and researching and decided that block printing will be the medium I work with for our library project. What haunts me most about the photos from Seattle's regrade are the huge holes and people peering into them - as if they are staring into an unknown future. I like the thought that they could not imagine the massive hills gone, and now it is hard for us modern Seattelites to imagine them there in the first place.
Therefore, I am exaggerating the excavation in my images to have the holes seem endless. Here are a few sketches that I created from looking at original images from the Denny regrade taken in 1908.

The next step will be to carve the images in a manner that conveys depth. To help me with this I started researching wood and linoleum block printing techniques and found these gems.

High Tide Detritus : Reduction color linocut 2008 Sherrie York (American)

Ocean Surface Woodcut 1992 Vija Celmins (American, born Latvia, 1938)

Essence Mulberry Helen Frankenthaler (American, born 1928)

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