29 in 2010

I turn 29 on Wednesday.
I am feeling pretty good about it, and wanted to put a little time into thinking about what I have done over the past 29 years, and what I want to do in the future... I heard somewhere you are supposed to do that.

- Underwent a lot of schooling: Elementary, Middle, High, Undergraduate, Graduate... glad that's over.
- Traveled a fair amount: Europe, Indonesia, all over the US.
- Learned a few things: My family will always be there for me, it is much better to give to givers... they never leave you feeling empty and used, it makes me really happy to make things [buildings, jewelry, blog postings... whatever], it also makes me really happy to make things with others and learn what others are making, and, I am slightly ridiculous... but learning to embrace it.

- Live in NYC, London, and/or Berlin... preferably with Free Time Industries and ARM ARCH Inc.
- Travel to and through South America.
- Write a few books and become a professor - i.e. put more focus into my academic pursuits.
- Become a licensed architect by 2011/30.

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