what ARM ARCH inc and Free Time Industries are doing at White Sage Studio:

White Sage Studio
is an experimental design-gallery and professional service provider. Under one roof, it represents interior design, architecture, industrial design, fine arts, and fashion - offering services to the public and featuring design ideas and trends in a creative studio environment.

Every month, the studio remakes the space focusing on a different theme, idea, or artist - utilizing the skills and connections of each of the studio collaborators. White Sage which is located in Old Ballard, and focuses on sustainable methods.

People and Companies of White Sage [more to come!]:

Erin Langan
interior designer + NCIDQ + LEED AP + principal of White Sage Studio
cell: 206.786.7221

Amber R Murray, MS
architect + historian + theorist + principal of ARM ARCH inc. and Free Time Industries
cell: 206.834.5969

is a collaboration and consulting entity for design and technology. Projects range from architecture, industrial design, and art, to technology research, project management, and science - all in an effort to achieve a balance and dialog between practice and scholarship.

ARM ARCH inc offers the following at White Sage:
1. creating a strong online presence
2. bringing in and selecting art, music, and collaboration designers
3. consistent studio presence for public - tuesday - sunday 10-6 or by appointment
4. press releases and other marketing needs
5. planning and staging events and studio space
6. drafting agreements and contracts
7. project manager of collaborative projects and White Sage company needs
8. architectural services

Free Time Industries [FTI]
is a product design and concept company with a constructive-criticism approach. Kate Bailey [an industrial designer], Naomi Parker [a graphic designer], Ariana Budner [a print maker and master of art marketing], and Amber R Murray [an architect and architecture historian], joined forces to give their passion for aesthetics a focused outlet.

Product lines generally follow a theme - sometimes it is a material investigation, exploring the possibilities of them - and sometimes it is based on an inspiration, like the Seattle Library’s special collection. In every case however, there is emphasis on a line, rather than a singular product. This allows FTI to create a far reaching and dynamic dialog throughout concept development by tapping into the wide array of skill sets each member offers - they can literally design and produce anything.

FTI offers the following at White Sage:
1. selective product design and implementation services
2. products for sale within White Sage
3. Budner's art marketing skills

builds elemental modern furniture from reclaimed urban trees. Through these majestic materials, their work embodies the power of nature and captures the living story ingrained in every design.

Because their hands are literally in every step of the process - from tree salvage, to saw-milling and kiln-drying, careful selection of materials, all the way through meticulously applied finishes - they maintain an intimate relationship with the materials that yields distinctive and compelling results.

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