what you missed at the art walk...

...don't worry folks, I got your back. I went to the downtown art walk last night with my buddy Jordan Evans and here is my report: 

Stopped by Design Commission Gallery and caught the new show by local poster artist [and micro-celebrity] C.M. Ruiz "happy home" and a live show by Olympia [you can see me chatting with the lovely Lacey Swain in the background]... all worth checking out. I especially admire the wallpaper installation by C.M.

"A Series of Human Decisions" by Bill Jacobson was by far my favorite show at the G. Gibson Gallery. As Jordan noted "they are all funny" - they are also all beautiful. Jacobson catalogs humorous decisions people make via object placement. For all you architecture nerds, check out the image of John Quentin Hejduk's "Bye House". 

 Also worth seeing is "Search for Landscapes" by Vesna Pavlovic and Nicholas Nyland at SOIL Gallery and Sheila Klein's work at PUNCH gallery.

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