tokujin yoshioka: 'spectrum'

tokujin yoshioka: spectrum
museum. beyondmuseum, seoul
may 1st to june 30th, 2010

'rainbow church'
image © designboom

one of the newest and much anticipated works of the exhibition is yoshioka's 'rainbow church',
consisting of hundreds of crystal prisms, arranged in a 9-meter-high stained glass installation
which flood the museum space with spectrums of color.

tokujin took some time out from setting up to speak to designboom about the exhibition
obstacles and the installation of 'rainbow church':

'everything was difficult. starting with the selection of the venue... maybe about a year ago
the museum contacted me to ask whether I was interested in presenting the project with them.
I didn't confirm and looked for an alternative venue for 'rainbow church'. just three months ago
I finalized the proposal.(...) the building has a high ceiling, but to build 'rainbow church',
I had to modify the walls to make the right angle in order to install the prisms. it is 9.2 m high
and 500 crystal prisms are used to create the effect I wanted. we spent a week to build it.' - TY

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