I am very excited to say that I just finished a really amazing week at the office of Workshop for Architecture | Design and LAIR design. I was hired to work for both, so my days should always be full of a wide range of design problems to solve and communicate... which is my dream situation! Sometimes the two collaborate on projects, sometimes not, but each is stronger by having the other one there for expertise and input.

I first came into contact with them back in April when I was looking for architecture stories to write for Pacific Standard. I was so impressed with the execution of their design intent that I emailed them right away asking if we could meet up... but I didn't hear anything until just a few weeks ago when they were looking for someone to hire. Thanks Universe!

I will still be working on projects with Free Time, August, etc.

Here is some of their work.

Picture 5

Picture 6

north capitol hill
Picture 14

Picture 15

gig harbor
Picture 21

Picture 20

coleman triplex
Picture 11

Picture 13

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